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Polimetrics: A Stata Companion, authored by Dr. Josh Franco, is an Open Education Resource workbook licensed CC BY-NC and designed as a Stata companion to Introduction to Political Science Research Methods.

This workbook provides a tour of the Stata software, an introduction to cross-sectional, time series, and panel data, and an introduction to a variety of models. I review models where the outcome is linear, binary, ordinal, categorical, and count. Additionally, I have an interpretation chapter on survival models.

Each “Models” chapter has a similar organizational structure: about, estimated time, what is the model, how are models run in Stata, how do we interpret the model results, and a real-world example of model results in a Creative Commons licensed, peer-reviewed journal article. Additionally, mini-assignment instructions and a rubric are included so students can practice their interpretation skills.


Josh Franco, Ph.D.. Cuyamaca College

Dr. Josh Franco

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – Overview
  • Chapter 2 – Stata Software Tour and Getting Started
  • Chapter 3 – Datasets: Cross-section, Time Series, and Panel
  • Chapter 4 – Data Management
  • Chapter 5 – Descriptive Statistics
  • Chapter 6 – Model Selection
  • Chapter 7 – Linear Models
  • Chapter 8 – Binary Outcome Models
  • Chapter 9 – Ordinal Outcome Models
  • Chapter 10 – Categorical Outcome Models
  • Chapter 11 – Count Outcome Models
  • Chapter 12 – Panel Data Linear Models
  • Chapter 13 – Panel Data Binary Outcome Models
  • Chapter 14 – Panel Data Ordinal Outcome Models
  • Chapter 15 – Panel Data Categorical Outcome Models
  • Chapter 16 – Panel Data Count Outcome Models
  • Chapter 17 – Survival Models
  • Chapter 18 – Share
  • Chapter 19 – Reflection

Additional Details and Citation

Page Count: 125

Keywords: political science, research methods, stata, data analysis, quantitative methods

Errata: None To Date

Publish Date: April 1, 2021

Web Version Last Updated: April 27, 2021

PDF Version ISBN: 978-1-7351980-1-9

2nd Edition PDF: Planned for 2nd Edition in Spring 2025

License: CC BY-NC

Citation: Franco, Josh. 2021. Polimetrics: A Stata Companion to Introduction to Political Science Research Methods. EBook – Adobe PDF. 1st Edition. https://ipsrm.com/polimetrics/.